jueves, 3 de febrero de 2011

Character of Leadership (by Phil Eastman II)

In the June 2010 edition of Leadership Excellence, editor Ken Shelton states, "I concur with Phil Eastman: 'It would be nice if becoming an effective leader were easy - and if all the ideas and techniques you read about or experience in workshops were simple to use. However, the real world is something else again. Becoming a great leader is hard work. The leadership development industry has softened the reality of leadership, boiling it down to formulas, tips and tricks.

The ability to lead is built on character. Leadership is a life long pursuit in which time and experience matter greatly. It is fraught with pain and exhilaration. Every leader leads from his or her character.'

Read Phil Eastman II's article, Character of Leadership, in the June 2010 edition of Leadership Excellence. http://www.characterofleadership.com/Character-of-Leadership-Leadership-Excellence.pdf

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